Titan Flex

State of the art control panel. Titan Flex control panel includes digital display and fully automated ignition, speed and emission controls.

Auto start capability. Our exclusive, state of the art Flex controller and on-skid batteries enable automatic start-stop operations. More after-flow, less shut-in!

Environment friendly (really!). Our Flex controller continuously monitors and adjust to minimize exhaust emissions. Fugitive Crankcase emissions are fugitive no more, we capture and use 100% as a secondary fuel source.


Design Specifications

Titan Compressor Bore and stroke: 4.360 in. x 3.750 in. Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 450 PSIG Maximum allowable suction pressure: 70 PSIG Piston displacement (compressor): 170 cubic inch


The Titan Flex Control system is fully self-contained in a weather tight enclosure. The PLC display interface is user friendly and extremely easy to use.

Safety shut down devices

  • High/low suction pressure
  • High/low discharge pressure
  • High discharge temperature
  • High scrubber liquid level
  • Engine manifold vacuum
  • Engine vibration
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine low lube level
  • Engine low oil viscosity
  • Engine water temperature
  • Engine over speed

Standard Equipment:

  • A.S.M.E Coded Pressure Vessels
  • Scrubber with belt drive diaphragm pump
  • Crankcase Gas Recapture system
  • Proprietary Titan-Flex Control system
  • Oversized Catalyst/ Silencer combo
  • Automatic oil level control with 15-gallon day tank
  • Environmentally friendly skid package
  • 3” inlet for Vapor recovery applications


V-8 design, 460 CID gray iron casting


Cast Iron counterweighted and dynamically balanced with five main bearings


Forged Aluminum over steel frame, balanced and fitted with four special rings which inhibit the slippage or blow by of fluids and gas into crankcase

Compressor Valves:

Plate type concentric valve in which both suction and discharge functions are incorporated into one valve system

Gas After Cooler:

Air cooled, three row A.S.M.E coded gas cooler with direct drive non-metallic fan, steel header with access plugs for ease of cleaning


Titan-6,200 lbs.

Skid dimensions:

Titan- 4 feet wide by 12 feet long with environmental rail and 1″ drain connections

Operation Ancillary Equipment:

All vessels, including the gas after cooler, are protected by pressure relief valves. Appropriate connections are provided for use of test gauges. Manual bypass valving is included for ease of starting and for compressor blow down.